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11/8/2018 4:49 PM

 A Better Place FAQs

Do You Have A Shelter?

No. We believe that long term kenneling is unhealthy for the animals, therefore A Better Place has volunteer foster families who care for dogs until a forever home is located. 

However, A Better Place is building a Pet Education and Adoption Center (PEAC) to serve the general public and assist homeless animals in the community. A Better Place will use the PEAC to temporarily house dogs awaiting foster homes, train dogs, provide a setting for the public to interact with the dogs, provide educational material, and host events for the community.  The facility is now 90% complete.  Learn more here.  See photos of the PEAC under construction.  Donate to help us complete construction.

PAEC Building 2008

Pet Education & Adoption Center  Progress

How Do I Meet Your Animals?

First, visit the individual animals web pages. Choose an animal that you feel is a good fit for your lifestyle and environment.  If you have more questions about a specific animal, Contact Us. You may also contact the individual caretaker/foster home directly.  This information is available on each animals web page.

Once you choose an animal that you would like to meet Click Here to Begin the Adoption Process.

Or, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer foster home.  Register on our website, then complete & submit a volunteer application.


What Vet Care Does A Better Place Provide Prior to Adoption?

All of our animals receive the following basic vet care prior to adoption: Rabies vaccination, Blood panel, Spay/Neuter, Heartworm prevention, Deworm/Panicure, Deflea/Frontline, 2 sets DHLPP.

A Better Place also provides any additional vet care necessary.  4 out of 5 of our animals need additional vet care when they come to us.  This vet care is completed prior to adoption and is included in our standard adoption fee. Recently, in addition to basic care, we have treated 5 heartworm positive dogs,  a broken leg,  3 females with pyometra, and miscellaneous infections, wounds and injuries.





Nick came to A Better Place in need of surgery to remove an eye and needed extensive treatment on the other eye in addition to his basic vet care.

What is Your Adoption Fee?

$250.00 tax-deductible donation

Puppy Adoption
 Please Contact Us if you have any other questions.  Thank You!