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Happy Tails from Furever Homes!

A Better Place Success Stories 

Status: Adopted, March 15, 2006
Species: Dog
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Original Web Page: AnimalID=297249
Story: Duke and Spike were up for adoption together, and together they are one dog.  There isn’t a day that goes by without one of .....Click to Read More


Lilly1Lilly2Name: Lilly
Status: Adopted, May 2005
Species: Dog
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Original Web Page: AnimalID=297293
Story: It's hard to believe Lilly will be turning 6 in January 2010. I can't imagine life without Lilly as she has been such a great dog. Her very best friend is Sassy a toy poodle. Lilly still always has to have something in her mouth whether it be a bone or a ball, she still loves her toys.  Lilly wants to thank A Better Place for all they do. Without all the hard working volunteers, dogs like Lilly wouldn't be given a second chance at finding love.

Name: Joesee
Status: Adopted, April 10, 2009
Species: Dog
Breed: Beagle/Mixed
Original Web Page: AnimalID=1332117
Story: She goes everywhere with us and had her first camping experience with us last weekend. She is doing very well and fits right in with our lifestyle. Her foot is doing much better...the Dr. said it will always be a little deformed, but that doesn't slow her down one bit!! She chases everything in the yard from bunnies to bees...she even chased a leaf last week!

Angel1Name: Angel
Status: Adopted, Winter 2008
Species: Dog
Breed: American Eskimo
Story: Angel came to us last fall (2008) from Huron Township Animal Control as a stray.  She was obviously someones beloved family pet and we can only assume she was abandoned because of the economy.  She literally had no faults.  This picture was taken as part of our "home for the holidays" booklet we distribute around the holidays.  She was adopted soon after her rescue. She now has a forever home with a retired school teacher and is the apple of her eye.




Name: River
Status: Adopted, July 2009
Species: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd/Lab mixed
Story: River is doing well and very happy pup.  He loves to chase the cats, play fetch, dig holes in the sand, play with his soccer ball outside and all the things a young pup will do.  Including getting into a little mischief every now and then.  It's been harder to teach the kids to put away their Barbie dolls than it has been to get River to drop them!  His big boy teeth are coming in, he's learned to sit, shake, lay down and he's working on stay.  That is a tough one for a kid that likes to be where you are.   He's also learning to swim and in his first try he went right for the tennis ball and brought it back.  He's a natural retriever and next summer we plan on building a dock in our pond so he can test out his skills as a waterdog.  He's loves to play with the kids, grandma & grandpa and the neighbor dogs.  River has been a great dog and a great addition to the family!


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