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11/8/2018 4:49 PM

  A Better Place - All breed dog rescue and pet education


 About A Better Place


A Better Place is a group of foster homes, specializing in all-breed dog rescue and pet education. We do not have a shelter. We believe that long term kenneling is unhealthy for the animals, therefore A Better Place has volunteer foster families who care for dogs until a forever home is located.  Our volunteers are dedicated to providing a loving home environment for each foster dog.  We strongly believe that the people in the community make the difference and that education is the key.  A Better Place provides education and assistance in spaying and neutering of all breeds of dogs.  We also provide subsidized, low-cost, or free spay/neuter assistance to the general public.  In cooperation with Angel Animal Hospital, A Better Place provides complete vet care, including spay/neuter, for all their rescue animals prior to adoption.  A Better Place networks with other rescues to make sure that no dog dies inhumanely in the gas chamber in their community.

A Better Place achieves a 99% success rate when matching pets with adoptive parents.  A Better Place assists approximately 1000 dogs per year through direct placement, shelter transfer, and purebred rescue networking.  

A Better Place founder has been involved in animal rights and rescue for more than 20 years developing a program that creates an excellent opportunity for the animals.

A Better Place is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! 
donations are tax deductible where the law allows.

 A Better Place, Inc.
New Boston, MI 48164


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Due to a lack of funding and foster homes, we are NOT accepting any more dogs at this time.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FOSTER A DOG (any breed). PLEASE contact us.