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11/8/2018 4:49 PM

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Spook is an animal cruelty case from Battle Creek, Michigan.  Spook came to A Better Place in late June 2009.  Spook was suffering with pneumonia, hook, round, whip and coccydia and he only weighed 28 lbs. 

Below is a Video Showing Spooks First Photos when rescued by A Better Place:



Within a week at A Better Place Spook had already begun to show minor signs of improvement.  He even jumped into the pool for a brief swim.

Below are photos of Spook after just 1 week in the care of A Better place.

Spook1wk1     Spook1wk2


July 13th UPDATE:

Spook has finally decided he is hungry and is eating on his own.  We can see some weight gain and interest in things.  Spooks caretaker saw him try to stretch yesterday, which is a good indicator of well-being.  His pneumonia is under control.  He is clear of all parasites except coccydia now.  Looks like he is on the road to recovery.  We have also learned that Spook is housebroken.  He seems to love all people and kids, anyone can expect him to quietly and gently walk over to sit nearby.


September 2009 UPDATE:

Spook is healthier and making friends.  Spook loves Satin Balls to eat and it is helping put weight on him.  Click here to get the recipe.  Please note that this recipe is for dogs who desperately need calories and need to put on weight, but who have no appetite. 

Please see Spook & how happy he has become at A Better Place in the video below:


Spook is now in foster care. Stay tuned for more great video and stories...



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